Compounded Buprenorphine: Opioid Addiction Treatment Reimagined

Compounded Buprenorphine: Opioid Addiction Treatment Reimagined

There are many compounding pharmacies in every state that are able to make buprenorphine troches and gummies. To find one near you, simply search for compound pharmacies in your area. 

A miraculous new way for patients to take buprenorphine for opioid addiction

This morning, I had an enlightening conversation with pharmacist, Bill Smith. While we spoke of many things relating to the field of opioid addiction treatment, we discussed compounded buprenorphine at length. Bill manufactures a product in his pharmacy known as a troche (pronounced tro-kee). He makes a variety of troches containing different medications.

Compounded Buprenorphine Troches

A troche is a small tablet or lozenge that can dissolve under the tongue, quickly delivering medication to the patient. Bill makes compounded buprenorphine troches that dissolve in about three minutes, rivaling the top brands in dissolving speed. Furthermore, he adds an ingredient that can help with dry mouth, resolving a common issue. Additionally, he flavors the troches with flavors such as watermelon, bubblegum, and apple pie.

As American as apple pie

Bill is as impressive as the magical products he creates in his space-age, cutting-edge pharmacy lab. During our conversation, he spoke with caring and compassion about those who struggle with opiate and opioid addiction. He is someone who truly understands the nature of addiction. And most importantly, he realizes that his patients are human beings who deserve respect and empathy. While many practitioners in the medical field do not understand what “the new recovery” means, Bill certainly does.

The Science of Spirituality revisited

I have written previously about Dr. Anna Yusim and her book, The Science of Spirituality. Dr. Yusim’s website is on our resources page. There is no doubt that spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer, breathing, gratitude, and journaling, will help you to get clean and stay clean from drugs. In my conversation with Bill, he often quoted bible scripture and discussed his involvement in the church. While we all may choose different spiritual paths based on our upbringing and beliefs, the importance of having a secure spiritual connection and a foundation of faith is paramount.

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