Affordable Suboxone Doctors: Finding Free And Sliding Scale Clinics

Affordable Suboxone Doctors: Finding Free And Sliding Scale Clinics

How do I find free Suboxone Clinics?

Fortunately, with the signing of the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 into law, we should see more funding of Suboxone programs soon. However, if you need help now, you will be happy to hear that there are already affordable and free clinics. Therefore, you should be able to get help you need. You just need to know how to find affordable suboxone doctors and their clinic programs.

Existing resources to finding low cost programs.

Dr. Mark Leeds, an osteopathic physician in South Florida, has written several articles about how to get free Suboxone and free treatment, including this article. He has also released a YouTube video demonstrating how to use a new Needy Meds database. This database lists free and low cost addiction treatment programs around the country. You can find a useful article that describes pilot programs in the US at The Rehab Podcast official website here.

What will happen with the new law?

The Opioid Crisis Response Act will provide two billion dollars in new funding. Program directors can start applying for grants right now. In fact, you can learn much more about this process here. That link will take you to a fascinating podcast episode. The guest is a Washington D.C. lobbyist who is prepared to help programs apply for grants and funding. This podcast is produced by The Rehab on The Mental Health News Radio Network.

What if I cannot find affordable Suboxone doctors in my area?

I believe that there will soon be many more programs opening their doors to provide affordable care. There are already many more since the last time we discussed this topic. In the meantime, keep checking back to see if the Needy Meds database has new entries in your area. Also, consider using existing tools, such as Treatment Match to find the closest possible affordable Suboxone doctors.



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