Sublocade Doctors Near Me: Finding Docs Who Give The Suboxone Injection

Sublocade Doctors Near Me: Finding Docs Who Give The Suboxone Injection

The Subutex Shot Is Here To Stay

While meds such as Suboxone are controversial in some recovery circles, we must admit to ourselves that these medical tools work. More people are staying clean from heroin and pills than ever before, thanks to MAT. MAT stands for medication-assisted treatment. The real name for this shot is Sublocade, a monthly injection to treat opioid addiction. So, how can I find Sublocade doctors near me?

First, check the website.

The makers of this new tool to fight opioid addiction have provided a website. On this site, they have a doctor directory. So, you may want to start there. You can find that website right here.

What is the next step to finding Sublocade doctors near me?

Next, you are going to want to do a bit of research. While many doctors in your area may be listed, you will want to be sure that they are a good fit for you. Sometimes doctors even sign up for these directories and then decide they don’t want to be involved anymore.

Should I make some phone calls?

While calling the phone numbers listed may be helpful, often, when you call clinics, you can get frustrated with being put on hold and possibly getting misleading information.

What is another source of information to find Sublocade doctors near me?

After finding the names of local doctors in your area on the Sublocade website directory, you can then look at these docs up on the web. See if they have a website for their medical practice. If they do, you can then read up all about what they do in their office. Therefore, you will see if they list Sublocade therapy as a service. For an example of a doctor website containing a Sublocade therapy service, click here. You can also see if the doctors you look up provide services that may indicate you should stay away. If you see any mention of prescribing opioids for pain, you may want to avoid that doctor. I am sure you understand that sitting in a waiting room with people who are there for an opioid prescription is not a good idea if you want to stay clean.

In addition to searching for Sublocade doctors near me on the web, you may want to also look for useful recovery resources that will help you to have the best chance for success in your recovery.

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