McRisc: Your First Stop For Addiction Treatment Help

Why should I start with McRisc? Calvin McGinn PhD, LMFT, RN and Joyce Ann McGinn OTR/L, GCFP are the co-founders of This innovative online tool is built on years of research, data and cutting edge technology. When you first go to the site, you will see a menu of various options, including informational pages […]

Experiential Therapy What It Is and How It Helps

Experiential Therapy: What It Is and How It Helps

Experiential therapy was developed in the 1970s and has quickly become popular since it was introduced. Researchers and mental health professionals all over the world have attested to the positive benefits that experiential therapy can provide to those who participate in it. While it is still a relatively new form of therapy, it has still […]

meditation for beginners

Meditation For Beginners

What Is Meditation? It’s not a surprise that the crazier life becomes around us, the more we seek out ways to alleviate the stressors we feel building. Maybe your goal is to feel less stressed, less reactive to the insignificant stuff, or gain focus. Perhaps you’ve decided to use meditation to further your personal development, […]

What Addiction Recovery Looks Like After One Year

What Addiction Recovery Looks Like After One Year

If you ask anybody who has suffered from an addiction what the road to recovery is like, they will likely tell you that it’s extremely difficult and uncomfortable. From the physical discomfort to the lack of hope they consistently feel, being trapped in addiction can seem scary and overwhelming. It doesn’t help that the alcohol […]

Wendy Sawyer and Sparrow Santiago Sign

Recovery Trekking: Walking to Get Well

By Milly Day What is Recovery Trekking? In a nutshell, Recovery Trekking is a brand new recovery platform, both for addicts stuck in active addiction, and for those who have already begun their journey, whereby you’re guided along an ancient pilgrimage route as a form of healing for the mind, body and soul. Over the […]

higher power

Finding a “Higher Power” When You’re Not Religious

by Alek Sabin When it comes to healing from addiction, the 12-Steps program, which originated in Alcoholics Anonymous, is one of the highest regarded programs in existence. It has helped millions of alcoholics and other addicts reclaim control over their lives and build a foundation for personal growth that lasts a lifetime. However, there is […]

Coping With The Holidays

Coping With the Holidays in Recovery

By John Kahal, C.E.O. Solutions 4 Recovery and Capo by The Sea While the gift of sobriety is the best holiday gift of all, hanging on to it amidst a plethora of merry making during the holiday season is not an easy task. It seems every holiday celebration and office party is steeped in alcoholic […]

compounded buprenorphine

Compounded Buprenorphine: Opioid Addiction Treatment Reimagined

A miraculous new way for patients to take buprenorphine for opioid addiction This morning, I had an enlightening conversation with pharmacist Dr. Steven Mougeot of Thrive Pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida. While we spoke of many things relating to the field of opioid addiction treatment, we discussed compounded buprenorphine at length. Dr. Steve manufactures a product in […]