Never Be Cool. Always Be Clean.

Please don’t be so cool. I see it everywhere. People want to be cool. They do various hand gestures. There’s the peace sign, the victory sign. They speak in creaking, cool voices, as if they are holding smoke in their lungs from a deep puff. They walk with cool walks. Accessories and clothing must be […]

Survivorship Bias and Addiction Treatment

Let’s put aside the topic of addiction treatment for a moment and talk about something much more interesting. I want to share a secret with you that could possibly help you to make a lot of money. You are not going to believe that this has been hiding from you in plain sight all these […]

The Making of a Heroin Addict

Success in life. Reba was a great success. She sold luxury homes for a living. You could see Reba’s smiling face on billboards and bus stop benches, all over town. Yet, Reba was not happy. In fact, she was living in a nightmare. Living in a dream. The preparations were complete. The beautiful modern mansion […]

Prayer and Medication

Prayer and Medication: Can they work together? What is the best way to stay clean from drugs? What is the best way to quit using drugs in the first place? Is it prayer? Or, is medical treatment best? Maybe, it is some combination of prayer and medication. Prayer is a common theme that underlays most […]

Free Suboxone Treatment: An important Resource

Opiates and opioids are the number one killer in the US. In abstinence-based meetings, such as 12-step meetings and other resources, you will find a one-size-fits-all plan for recovery. Hence, it doesn’t matter what drug you used. It could be coke, weed, pills. It doesn’t matter. You follow the same program. What do you do […]

Creativity Blocked In Childhood: A Major Addiction Risk?

What causes addiction? The underlying causes of addiction have been written about at great length. There are many theories about what leads up to the tragic expression of this complex disorder. It has been proposed that addiction is partly an inherited condition. Much has been said about the contribution of childhood trauma. Yet, many who […]

Use Disorder – A Better Way To Say You Are An Addict

How is an addict different from someone who has use disorder? If your drug use has led you to detox, drug treatment centers or 12-step meetings, you are most likely very familiar with the term, “addict”. In Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, members are encouraged to verbally identify as being an addict. Since the 12-step programs […]

The Power of Prayer Can Save Your Life

Do you believe in the power of prayer? If you are clean from drugs or trying to get clean, you may want to consider prayer as something to help you get through the difficult times. I understand that any mention of God or prayer tends to scare away some newcomers. Spiritual beliefs are a sensitive […]