The purpose of this page is to provide links to useful resources available online. As always, we greatly appreciate your help in building this list.

  • XA-Speakers – This site has been around for years. There are some great speaker recordings from various conventions. However you feel about the organizations hosting the events where these recordings were made, you will find some great, inspirational recordings here.
  • Narcotics Anonymous World Services – The official website of Narcotics Anonymous World Services. Here you will find information about NA and NA literature. NA books can be purchased at meetings or online in eBook format at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Barnes & Noble.

The following links are to websites and blogs that contain original writing on the subject of addiction and recovery. Please contact us here if you would like for us to review your site for placement on this list. We also greatly appreciate it when addiction and recovery websites provide links to this site.

  • Dr. Leeds, MAT practitioner, Blogger, and Podcaster. Dr. Leeds has created an innovative, 21st century platform for promoting scientifically proven medical treatment for opioid and opiate addiction. In addition to running a small addiction treatment clinic, Dr. Leeds provides information to patients, family members, doctors, therapists to spread the word about how to best treat opioid addiction. He also consults directly with doctors to advise them on how establishing small medical practices, known as micropractices, is an ideal way to create a safe and effective environment to join the effort to treat opioid addiction.
  • Regeneration After Addiction The author of this incredible blog has struggled with addiction in his family for many years. Two of his sons became addicted to drugs. He lost one son to addiction. He has learned to embrace the recovery process that the other son now practices.
  • Sacred Acoustics Sacred Acoustics produces recordings that can be helpful in meditating as well as helping with conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and depression. For help in achieving a variety of higher states of conciousness, check out Sacred Acoustics.
  • Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Soul Sculptor, Master Energy Healer and Life Coach. Jennifer can help with anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear, confusion, relationship issues and much more. She has written some incredible books which are available at major book sellers. She is available as a personal coach to help you through difficult times and to guide you in living the life you love, filled with passion, purpose and happiness.
  • Christopher Carson Emmons An award-winning film maker who has written, directed and produced many films. Among these are films that deal with the topics of addiction and alcoholism.
  • Anna Yusim, M.D. Dr. Yusim is an award-winning, best-selling author. She has written the book, Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life. This book will help you to overcome addictions, anxiety, depression and more. This book will help you to lead a more fulfilled life by aligning with your soul’s purpose.
  • Seth Silverton A teacher of sustainability and a leader in business, Seth Silverton has the resources and experience to provide inspiration and guidance towards a future of happiness and success.
  • Carolyn Hannan Bell This children’s book author writes incredible, wonderfully illustrated books to help explain the disease of addiction to children. She has written books on alcoholism and addiction. These books are fun, easy to read, and they teach important lessons to help children avoid developing co-dependency issues later in life.



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