Subutex Shot: Please, Let Us Be Open-Minded

Subutex Shot: Please, Let Us Be Open-Minded

Open-Mindedness Saves Lives

Recently, I wrote an article about the new Subutex shot, the Sublocade injection. While I thought I was being helpful in providing this information, some people emailed me to complain. As you can imagine, there are people in the recovery community who believe that there is only one path to recovery. The one true path must involve abstinence. Strangely, the rule is that if you are prescribed methadone or buprenorphine for addiction, you are not clean. However, if you get these same drugs for any other reason, such as pain, there is no such issue.

I am willing to be open-minded.

Of course, we are all different. I accept that fact that medication is not the solution for everyone who is trying to get clean from opioids. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to recovery. Open-mindedness is a principle of the first step. It is a key principle of 12-step recovery. So, why are there long-time members of 12-step recovery who are not open-minded about medication being the right choice for some people?

The Subutex Shot is here to stay.

What I mean by the Subutex shot is the newly approved Sublocade. As I have written before, this new product has advantages over Suboxone and Subutex. Doctors and loved ones do not have to worry if you are taking your medicine. You get a shot each month and you are done. It lasts the whole month.

Acceptance of the new recovery.

Recovering with the help of medication assisted treatment has been called the new recovery. We should accept this new reality. The fact is that it is saving lives. Hence, reducing harm should be our primary goal.

Let us not play doctor.

It is wrong to tell people to stop taking their medicine. However, you are free to tell someone to talk to their doctor or to get a second medical opinion. It is my opinion that we should not get in the way of life-saving medical treatment, especially when it comes to successful treatments like the Subutex shot.


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