How Do You Get The Gift Of Desperation?

How Do You Get The Gift Of Desperation?

Desperation can be a great motivator.

It is easy to procrastinate and put off taking action. However, when you realize that you have been backed into a corner and there is no other way out, you may find the strength to take unprecedented action.

The action that you take depends on your specific situation. If you find yourself dealing with heroin addiction, or addiction to another opioid, you may finally commit to seeking medical treatment.

When confronting difficult challenges, we often want to solve our own problems. It can be hard to ask for help.

Asking for help is a sign of courage.

Yet, we should remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of great strength and courage. Some of the greatest success stories in history involve one person having the courage to ask others for help.

For example, if you look at old videos on YouTube of Steve Jobs speaking, there is a short video where he talks about how asking for help is the greatest secret to success.

He describes how, as a child, he dared to call the founder of HP and ask for help in obtaining some electronic components. With this early experience, he learned how to find success throughout life, reaching unparalleled heights of accomplishment.

With any good habit, practice is the best way to improve. The same goes for asking for help to overcome obstacles in life. But, how do we get the courage to ask for help?

Often, it is desperation that brings us to the place where we are ready to ask for help. Unfortunately, in many cases, tragedy can strike before the gift of desperation arrives.

How can we get the gift of desperation to work in our favor right now?

I believe that it is possible with reflection and perspective of where we are in our lives. For example, you could take the time to reflect upon, in writing and on paper, your past accomplishments, and your unique talents and abilities.

This is a private and personal writing project that no one else will see, so don’t hold back. Be thorough in putting down everything on paper. Do not be humble in this exercise.

With the gift of desperation, you can overcome addiction.

If you are struggling to overcome opioid addiction or alcohol addiction, you will likely have some fantastic and beautiful things to say about what you have accomplished before addiction took hold. While you, and the people around you, may have put you down for a long time, you will realize that you have the potential to accomplish great things in life.

Now, put that in perspective with where you are in life. While it is never too late to get to work to realize your full potential, you will see that you have wasted many years with drug use and earlier efforts to quit drugs and recover.

It takes time and persistence, just to get the drugs out of your system and give your body and mind a chance to heal. It is like climbing out of a deep hole that you have fallen into. After the hard work of climbing out, why would you allow yourself to fall back in?

We can use our gift to value the time we have been given.

Imagine the wasted time and effort of climbing out, over and over again. You can never get that time back. You can imagine the feeling of desperation that comes over you when you realize what you could do in life if you stopped falling back into the abyss of addiction.

In reflecting on your life, you may find that the regret and despair of realizing the waste of time and lost potential of growing physically, mentally, and spiritually is worse than the fear of injury and death from drug use.

What would you like to accomplish with the years you have left to live? If you could do anything, what would you do?

Focus on your strengths.

Please, do not have fear in reaching your potential and exposing your limitations. While we all have limits in what we can do, you may be surprised that you can push past boundaries and accomplish feats that you never imagined possible.

Many experts now recommend that the best path to success in personal development is to focus on furthering your strengths rather than spending too much time trying to smooth out your weaknesses. This is good advice to take into account. In your personal written reflections, you will see what you are good at and how you can use your abilities for success in many areas.

You can succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You may even find that your natural talents and abilities can be used for success in ways you never imagined. Why not take a chance and explore the possibilities of what you are capable of when the chains of addiction are removed?

The critical part of your unlimited personal growth is that you must allow yourself the time to continue to compound improvement upon improvement. When you build something great, you will not be able to create something even greater if you tear it down right away. You create success upon success.

So, when the thoughts of desperation push you to the point of being ready to ask for help if you are experiencing opioid addiction and you are prepared to move forward, talk to your doctor. If your doctor does not have experience in this area, find one who does.

There are tools that can help you to reach your goals.

Keep in mind that experts in the field of medication-assisted treatment of opioid addiction recommend at least 1-2 years of medical treatment. When you allow medical therapy to work for an adequate period, your brain has a chance to heal, and you have an opportunity to clear the wreckage of the past and move forward in personal growth.

Many people describe the feeling of being on a medication-assisted program (MAT) to be as if they were never addicted in the first place. Their minds are clear, and they do not feel significant cravings or have thoughts of using drugs.

In this state of clarity of mind, you will be able to make the best use possible of your time. You can educate yourself, reading books, taking courses, meeting with experts in fields where you hope to improve yourself.

It is essential not to focus too much on completing medical therapy too soon. Give it time to work. Now is your time to make the best of your life.

I once climbed a mountain the hard way.

I am reminded of an experience I had nearly twenty years ago when I climbed to a mountain top lookout in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a place called Chimney Rock Park. There was a set of rickety, wooden stairs that lead to the top.

It was a long and challenging climb. The stairs were old and damaged, and I felt as if I was risking serious injury or death with each step. What if a step broke and I fell to the bottom?

When I reached the top, the view was beautiful. I could see mountains, valleys, and rolling hills for miles and miles. While the view was exhilarating, the climb to get there was not easy and held significant risk.

At the top, there was a gift shop, serving hot chocolate, coffee, and snacks. I wondered how all of the other people had arrived at the top. Many people were enjoying the view, but I did not see many along the way as I climbed those old stairs.

In the gift shop at the top, I discovered that this mountain had a unique feature that I was completely unaware of. It turned out that there was an elevator at the center of the mountain. It carried visitors from the parking area to the lookout at the top. The elevator entrance was in a long tunnel at the bottom.

I had missed that tunnel as I went to climb the stairs. At the top, the elevator arrived inside the gift shop. I was relieved to be able to complete my trip by taking the elevator.

My goal was to succeed, not risk my safety in getting to my destination.

Did it feel as if I was cheating, using a short cut to get to my destination? No, it did not. My goal was to arrive safely at the lookout to see the beautiful view, not risk my safety in a dangerous climb. I took note to take the elevator next time if I ever returned to the park.

The point of telling you this story is to emphasize that the purpose of MAT for opioid addiction is to take you safely to your destination of enjoying your life, growing in all areas, and realizing your potential to do great things.

While there are people who find reward in the difficult climb upward to success, they also face considerable risk. If your goal is to get safely out of the hole you have fallen into and enjoy the light of day again, you do not have to take the dangerous and challenging path of climbing your way out.

We can have faith in the spirituality of science.

Medical science has provided us with a better way to overcome opioid addiction. You may say that you prefer to take the spiritual path to recovery, but who is to say that the gift of medical science was not given to us ultimately through a spiritual source?

We often find that in times of need, we are given what we need to overcome obstacles. MAT is a safe and better way out of opioid addiction.

You can overcome obstacles in life with a willingness to accept help.

When you have found the gift of desperation, it is time to ask for help. Please, be open-minded about the possibilities of medical treatment and be honest with yourself about your goals and what you could do if the sickness and obsession of active addiction could be lifted right now.

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