Prone: An Amazing Short Film About Addiction By Christopher Carson Emmons

Prone is a film about two people.

First, there is an artist named Michelle. Michelle dreams of getting her artwork displayed in a prominent gallery to further her art career. She meets with a man who is able to make her dream come true.

Unfortunately, this opportunity comes at a price.

In order to get his help, she will be forced to compromise her own values. She will have to lie to her significant other and betray him. And, to get what she wants, she will have to comply with the wishes of this man in a position of power. While Michelle will be able to attain her goal, is it worth the cost? Would it be better for her to pass on this opportunity and be able to live with herself?

Addiction to power is also an addiction.

The man who made the proposal to Michelle to display her art displayed symptoms of addiction to power. He clearly had a history of using his position of authority to gain personal satisfaction at the expense of his victims. Unfortunately, we are now seeing real life stories such as this all over the news.

Pill addiction and romance.

The second story, which runs in parallel to Michelle’s story, is about Ryan, a pill addict. Ryan goes to an addiction counseling group. In the group, he is attracted to a woman who also attends the group for addiction therapy. Sadly, Ryan has issues with addiction to romance and possibly co-dependency in addition to drug addiction.

An intriguing film, written by a master of storytelling.

Christopher Carson Emmons wrote and directed Prone. He has also produced, directed, written and edited many other excellent films. The incredible thing about this film is how relevant it is in today’s world, considering that it was released years ago. Not only are we seeing abuses of power and sexual misconduct stories in the news, drug addiction has become a national epidemic and the number one killer in the United States.

Listen to an interview with Christopher Carson Emmons.

Here, you will find a fascinating podcast interview with Mr. Emmons. He discusses the art of film making and he makes some recommendations, including a great mainstream addiction film. I highly recommend listening to this interview and I recommend watching the incredible films of Christopher Carson Emmons.

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