A Song For Michelle

A film about mental illness, addiction and suicide

This film, “A Song For Michelle”, is in production currently. I was able to watch a trailer recently and it is clearly an excellent handling of these difficult subjects. Suicide is something that is rarely spoken about and gets swept under the rug. Suicides rarely make the news. They are not mentioned in obituaries. Yet, by hiding them, we avoid the dialog that might lead to action that can save lives.

Leaders in suicide prevention

I joined a group just over a year ago led by physician, Pamela Wible, M.D.  Dr. Wible has spoken openly about the epidemic of physician suicide. While clearly doctors are not the only ones who kill themselves, the medical profession has an inordinate number of suicides compared to other professions. This can be traced to abusive working conditions and their affect on individuals.

I discussed “A Song For Michelle” with Dr. Wible and she stated that she is glad that we are now getting more and more conversation and interest on this topic.

Mental Illness is real

This shouldn’t even have to be said. However, there are those who minimize mental illness as somehow not being in the same category as “physical” illness. We know what to do when someone has chest pain. Chest pressure, shortness of breath and radiation of pain to the left arm are all indicators of a heart attack. We know to call 911 right away. However, people who are depressed are told to “snap out of it”. Suicidal ideations, if discussed at all, are not dealt with properly. When someone says that they are contemplating suicide, it is as serious as crushing chest pain. Society needs to be educated on how to properly address this. We need to learn how to better help our loved ones suffering from addiction as well.

Follow developments on the film

I recommend following the ongoing developments of the production of “A Song For Michelle” here. Screenings will be available soon. Please help to spread the word about this important film.

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