After the meeting: What to do

After the meeting.

You finally got up the courage to go to a meeting. Sitting in the car outside, it looks intimidating. All of those people standing around outside, minutes before the start time. You may even decide to stay in the car for a while, waiting to go in after the crowd has gone in to the room. The meeting lasts an hour and is a wonderful, spiritual experience. What happens after the meeting?

Who are these people?

It may look like a rough crowd from a distance. Yet, these are special people. Imagine dedicating your life to carrying the message of recovery. It is the act of helping others to save your own life.

There is something magical about sitting in a meeting. You can feel the spiritual power, protecting you from the addiction monster. The monster is not allowed in. You are safe here.

Do you feel like you don’t fit in?

After the meeting is over, the magic seems to dissipate. The orderliness of the meeting is gone. It is just a room of people now. Looking around the room at their faces, you may feel like you don’t fit in with this crowd. That is normal to feel that way. Addiction is a predator that likes to separate the weak ones from the herd.

Stay where it is safe.

When you look around the room, after the meeting has ended, and see everyone gathering in small groups, talking about whatever people talk about, you may feel left out. Your first impulse may be to quietly walk out and go home. You feel alone in a room full of people. Is this really where you belong? If you feel this way, do not leave. Stay no matter what.

Look for the winners.

Survey the room and look for those people who shared during the meeting. Find the ones that had strong messages of recovery. There are people who have a lot of clean time and they work the program seriously. Walk up to one of these people and introduce yourself. Tell them that you are new. Say that you need help to stay clean.

The program starts here.

While there is no guarantee what will happen next, most likely you will find that if you ask for help, you will get the help you need. Whatever you do, don’t give up. This is about your life. Things are going to get better if you keep doing the next right thing. Don’t give in to what the monster of addiction is whispering in your ear. You are in the right place with people who love you and want to help. All you have to do is ask.

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