The Power of Prayer Can Save Your Life

Do you believe in the power of prayer?

If you are clean from drugs or trying to get clean, you may want to consider prayer as something to help you get through the difficult times. I understand that any mention of God or prayer tends to scare away some newcomers. Spiritual beliefs are a sensitive and personal issue. If you feel strongly against the idea of being open minded to the possibility that prayer might help, you may want to reconsider. We, as human beings, are programmed to believe. And, the power of prayer and belief in a higher power is one of the few parts of your life that is off limits to your addiction. It gives you a fighting chance to get clean, stay clean and change your life. Please check back regularly to our resources page for information and tools to help develop spirituality in your life.

A true story about spiritual insight.

The following story is true. A man was deep in the midst of an intense LSD trip. He was being supervised by a friend. The friend decided that he would perform an experiment. LSD has a reputation for causing deep spiritual insight for its users, or at least the perception of it. The friend decided that he would ask a deep religious and spiritual question to see if this insight was real or just an illusion in the drugged mind of the user.

The friend then asked the man, “What is God?” He watched him and awaited an answer. The man pondered the question, vivid, deep thoughts flashing through his drug-enlightened mind. He then answered, “If everyone gets to make up their own version of what God is, then God is made up”. The friend sat silently. He did not expect the insight to be atheistic in nature. He asked no further questions.

Is God made up?

This story, true as it is, does not really mean anything. Some things are unknowable. The nature of God is something that humans can ponder, but we may never know the true nature of God and God’s relationship to the universe and to humankind.

Is it possible that there is nothing out there?

Of course it is possible that the universe is as it appears to be. We are surrounded by endless, cold empty space with small amounts of matter and energy scattered across vast distances. Humanity is an insignificantly microscopic part of an unusual growth on a dirty little rock. We call the small rock we infest, “Earth”. To think that we mean anything to anyone in the universe seems laughable.

On the other hand, there is at least as much of a chance that the universe is rich in spirituality and religious truth. While we cannot have direct evidence of this, we can have faith.

Why should I have faith?

Faith is a matter of choice. Yet, in the case of addiction, faith may be an important part of therapy in recovering from active addiction. Addiction holds the mind hostage. It has complete control to use the resources of the brain to get what it wants. We are helpless victims of our own best thinking ability. But, there are places in the human mind that addiction does not have access. The part of the mind that has faith in God is one of those places. It is a lucky accident that addiction is walled off from this part of the brain. Our belief in God, the power of prayer, meditation and gratitude are all off limits to the monster of addiction.

What if I do not believe?

Whatever your philosophical viewpoints are, even if you are an atheist, you can reason that it makes sense that faith can help you to stay clean. It is possible that faith in God is a part of the physiology of the brain. It could just be complex neuroanatomy.

In the animal kingdom, a survival instinct is of the utmost importance for individual creatures to protect their own lives. For many animals that live and hunt in groups, following a powerful leader, the alpha, is a part of life. You can reason that human belief in God could be simply an embellished version of the survival instinct. It could be that a part of the brain evolved in such a way that belief in God is natural for humans. Or, it could be much more than that.

All that matters is that your faith and the power of prayer can save your life.

Focusing on faith in God through regular prayer and meditation can be a powerful way to stay clean. The mechanism for how this works is not important. You don’t have to worry about being right about what is real and not real in the universe. It doesn’t matter. If accessing the part of your brain relating to prayer and faith in a power higher than yourself can help you to overcome addiction and stay clean, then you must become willing to do this.

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