The Magic of Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment

Facetime your doctor

Or, you can use Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or one of many other video calling apps. It can work from your phone or computer. Telemedicine is the future of medical treatment. And, it works especially well for addiction treatment!

Skype your therapist

In fact, many people already visit with their psychologist or therapist by video call. Why not? What better way to get private therapy than in the privacy of your own home or your car or wherever. Recently, I was driving with a friend and he told me that he was late for a visit with his therapist. I asked him if I should drive him there. No, he replied, he just asked that I give him some privacy in the car for a while so he could visit with her via Facetime. I walked into a grocery store to shop while my friend sat in the car for a session of psychotherapy. What an improvement in access to care, thanks to technology!

Opioid Addiction Treatment Through Telemedicine

While there are still some obstacles to providing full medical treatment with video calling, things are moving right along. Doctors are now promoting Suboxone Telemedicine Therapy on their websites. Michael A., in this excellent article, describes the nightmare of traveling across the country for addiction treatment that just didn’t work. While he did finally find a program that worked incredibly well for him, what if there were strong programs that could be provided online and through telemedicine? It is a fact that recovery works best when you are surrounded by loved ones and a strong support system. Telemedicine can deliver your care to where you live, directly. In addition to full outpatient addiction treatment, medication treatment will soon be available as well. Meds like Suboxone work very well to keep people clean from deadly opioids.

Let me know what you think about telemedicine in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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