Recovering Addict: Healing In Time

Recovering Addict: Healing In Time

The world needs you back

As a recovering addict, you may feel like you have little worth in the world. You have just come back from a nightmare and you still struggle with it. While somewhere, deep inside, you know that you are special and unique, you may be surrounded by people who continually put you down.

You are not just a name

Anonymous meetings are great to support your recovery. You can also find some great recovery resources here. Yet, as a recovering addict, you may feel like just a number. Or rather, just a name. The program doesn’t celebrate your uniqueness and the gifts you have to offer the world. Anonymity requires that members do not stand out other than to celebrate their clean time.

Develop your gifts as a recovering addict

It is well known that addiction hits creative geniuses the hardest. Just look at the news. In fact, you cannot miss the trend. An unusually large number of musicians, artists and performers struggle with addiction. It is not just due to the world they live in. It happens to be an occupational hazard of being a powerful force of creativity.

Never give up

So, now is the time to apply yourself in working on your strengths and talents. While you should still work on recovery activities, such as therapy, meetings, journaling and meditation, it is the perfect time for you to put in daily practice and study into the creative outlets where have the highest level of talent. Read more about the importance of creative outlet here.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not special

Parents and siblings tend to beat the self-esteem right out of the most special children. Does this sound familiar? You always knew that you had so much potential as a child. Yet, they kept making you feel bad about yourself. Why would your loved ones do this? It is simply the nature of the common dysfunctional family. As a recovering addict, you cannot let them hold you back.

Time will heal you

As you continue to put more clean days together, you will see that you are healing. Your mind comes back and starts working again. Now is the time to write, draw, compose, speak or whatever you love to do. Early recovery is a perfect time to explore creative outlets. Don’t be afraid of failure. This is a time to practice and try things out. The only place in which you must not fail is staying clean. Do not use drugs again today no matter what.


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