recovering addict

Recovering Addict: Healing In Time

The world needs you back As a recovering addict, you may feel like you have little worth in the world. You have just come back from a nightmare and you still struggle with it. While somewhere, deep inside, you know that you are special and unique, you may be surrounded by people who continually put […]

subutex shot

Subutex Shot: Please, Let Us Be Open-Minded

Open-Mindedness Saves Lives Recently, I wrote an article about the new Subutex shot, the Sublocade injection. While I thought I was being helpful in providing this information, some people emailed me to complain. As you can imagine, there are people in the recovery community who believe that there is only one path to recovery. The […]


The Importance of Aftercare Following Residential Rehab

By Gaspar Melikyan, Co-Founder Quest 2 Recovery When you think of drug or alcohol addiction as a disease, it is easier to understand the need for aftercare following rehab. Imagine suffering from a debilitating physical disease or medical condition. It is ludicrous to think that someone recovering from being impaired physically and/or psychologically could just […]

Snorting Fentanyl: A New Trend?

The Deadman’s High Fentanyl is like an apocalyptic nightmare. If you are a fan of end-of-the-world movies, you know what I mean. Zombies and mass deaths everywhere, beyond anything we can imagine in the real world. Yet, it is happening now, right in front of us. Terrifyingly, fentanyl is being used as a replacement on […]

The Magic of Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment

Facetime your doctor Or, you can use Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or one of many other video calling apps. It can work from your phone or computer. Telemedicine is the future of medical treatment. And, it works especially well for addiction treatment! Skype your therapist In fact, many people already visit with their psychologist or […]

Addicted To Rehab

The following is an article written by Michael A. It is an incredible story of how the detox/rehab system that is considered to be the standard of care is failing. We put faith in these facilities to help our loved ones to get past drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, the result is more often repeated […]

Never Be Cool. Always Be Clean.

Please don’t be so cool. I see it everywhere. People want to be cool. They do various hand gestures. There’s the peace sign, the victory sign. They speak in creaking, cool voices, as if they are holding smoke in their lungs from a deep puff. They walk with cool walks. Accessories and clothing must be […]